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Across HNI Times, our team offer career opportunity in our video production company. Every artist and working professional has their own stories of creativity. On our video production platform, we bring their stories to light, for them to grow together and perform smartly. For all prospective creative people, we encourage professionals to take one step towards your passion, and look at your own amazing mind, which you never thought you ever had.

As a part towards community growth, we sometime work for feel good warm gestures for others, and sometimes we work to release our stress. It is time to come and join us, and inspire many around you to explore different possibilities in being creative, and get paid at the same time. We hire on permanent, part-time, contract and/or freelancer basis.

If you think you have an innovative mind and be original at the same time, then we need your vision. Please follow with giving your details, and let us connect with you.

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