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Best Types of Video Media for Businesses

What Types of Corporate Videos Are There?

Most corporate videos were used to be made for television advertising. The goal of television ads is to get you to watch and to convince you to buy your product or service. There is also an added benefit towards making a video promotional content for social media these days. If your business targets more than local region, making a video for social media, or a television commercial can help increase your exposure to customers. If your business is not a corporate company, you still have an incentive to create videos. People are using their computers to search the Internet, and browsing your company's website or social media, is one of the ways they can discover your company. Make videos that promote your products and services, and remind your customers that you're here to serve them.

The Power of Corporate Videos

To get a good sense of the future of video's, top videos covers the advantages of video over written content. Majority of percent of the videos were on a company's brand. The most commonly used type of video by top businesses was a professional look and feel video. Another uniquely accepted video type, showed an inspiring person or company, while many businesses believe that videos need to be professionally produced and sleek. There are many popular types of corporate videos. A video must be professionally made, but at the same time gives more details on how to use a product or process.

How Corporate Videos Work

Businesses use corporate videos in two main ways: to inform and convince prospective customers. To convince customers of a particular company, or to persuade customers to buy a certain product or service, a company needs to persuade them through storytelling. A story can be broken into two parts: the plot and the characters. You need a conflict or a challenge to drive the story forward. If you want to make a compelling corporate video, you need a challenge for the characters to overcome. Now that you know the basics, the kinds of corporate videos you should be making are pretty easy to understand. The Mass Appeal Videos are the most basic of the corporate videos. A mass appeal video is meant to attract customers.

The Benefits of Different Type of Video

Video analytics and social media statistics show that video is a great tool for driving interest, shares, sales and engagement on your website, social media channels and beyond. There are many benefits to using video for your business: Personalized approach – You are able to connect with your clients and customers at a deeper level. It is a great opportunity to offer a personalized experience because they know you!

Emotional attachment – Video is a great medium for conveying a message, regardless of the topic or the audience. It provides a personal connection to your customers, based on your own personal and professional brand. Producing video content with emotions plays a significant role towards driving sales & revenue from video production and video marketing. In short, a video must address customers problem along with it's solution. Nevertheless, you must connect with your customers to compel them to buy your products or services.

Product Demonstration Videos

Video is all around us, but businesses have started using it in more creative ways. One of the more popular forms of video marketing is product demonstration videos. These are videos that are similar to commercials in that they are designed to show customers and prospects the product being advertised. There are, of course, some differences. For one, the videos are usually less than a minute in length and focus primarily on showing the product in action rather than how the product works. Product demonstrations allow customers to experience the product in a more real-world setting and improve customer loyalty and conversion. They also allow businesses to reach a large audience at the same time without a lot of effort.

Brand Awareness and Company Overview Videos are the ones you see in corporate training videos and films for promotions. They're short, sweet, and show off the company's portfolio and personality. Lead Generation Videos are usually reserved for bigger companies that are looking to expand their customer base. Product Training Videos are usually used by corporate trainers. For any company, Sales and Services Videos needs to show what products and services they offer. They typically show you the product up close, as well as how the product or service is used. With so many types of Marketing Videos and advertising options available to small business owners these days, creating a marketing video is a no-brainer.

Customer Service and Support Videos are typically focus on providing a hands-on view of the process a company offers. They feature behind the scenes footage and short test drives of the product and are usually shot in a more relaxed or humorous manner. The videos usually focus on the good aspects of the company, like the products, the service or what it's like to work there. However, it's not uncommon for videos like this to have a similar feel to traditional marketing campaigns. They are designed to emphasize their product or service by highlighting their best qualities. Introductory videos usually tells you everything you need to know about the video. It's all about getting your viewers interested in watching the video and inviting them to come back.

Company Culture or Values Videos can be used to show prospective clients why your company is special and why they should choose you for their projects. The best video for this type of video is one that focuses on the personality of your company. For example, you could do a video all about your commitment to your employees and your company mission statement. Management videos are a great way to show prospective clients what the manager of your company looks like. Outside Sales/Marketing Videos are a great way to showcase what your company does to prospective clients.


Video is going to continue to be a growing part of corporate communications. Companies that are struggling with video marketing are falling behind. The good news is that video marketing is not all that hard. And the good news for those that are struggling is that video marketing is not that hard. All it takes is some solid planning and a few simple steps.

That's where we come in.

Lets discuss and get into your needs, for building a complete video channel for your brand. Click here to contact us.

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