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What Are The Key Messages Your Video Marketing Must Address?

Make sure your video communicates the key messages

Make sure your message is clear, concise, and persuasive. The easiest way to avoid information overload is to come up with 3 key messages a video must communicate. Make them clear, concise, and influential or inspiring. Then write them down and run every interview question through them as a filter. A great video is like a great book. Readers can easily understand and recognize what they want to learn from the text and your video. Of course, a great video can't exist without a great writing or script. The best way to understand your video is to read the script from the previous paragraph. Then come up with a few questions to ask the person in the video. Then, in an interview, ask the following questions and run them through your script. Why is your product necessary?

Review your key messages before you start making a video

Set them aside while editing. Do not mix and match them. Set your key messages in bold as your focus for each segment. What Are The Basics You Need to Take Into Account for Video Marketing Success? Recognize that marketing is a team effort – video marketing is an all-encompassing activity. You need to have a video marketing strategy and be committed to it, for it to be a success. Success doesn’t just depend on the skills of the individuals making the videos – it also requires the whole company to work together and buy-in. When you’re making your videos, it’s okay to be influenced by others’ marketing efforts. A lot of content experts are experts in their field and can help you get started.

Brainstorm 3 different ways to communicate your key message

Play with variations of the 3 messages. Test the messages with target audience before deciding on the best way to present them. Shoot out each message to varying lengths, from 5-10 seconds, to 20-30 seconds, to a full minute. Make them different enough that people can see it is going somewhere, but short enough that they don’t feel like they’re going too long. Only include videos where you can deliver your message clearly. If you’re nervous about making sure people can understand you, then you have to rethink your video marketing. Don’t Do It. The thing is, if you’re thinking about creating a video and using a phone, then you should be aware of the camera shake and the fact that you’re moving, and get the right settings. Nobody wants to watch a video of you with all kinds of problems.

Create a list of questions for all interviews

An interview is the best way to show your community the breadth of what you do and show that you have really thought through every aspect of your business. Your answers need to be short and compelling, but that's not to say you need to dumb them down. Ask the key questions that anyone might ask, like where your company is located, what your role is, what kind of expenses your company incurs, and why customers should choose your product. You don't have to be a public speaker to use these questions to connect with your audience. Hone Your Pitch. This can be a valuable exercise for people who have been interviewed before. They can hone their pitch and make sure the reason they're in business is interesting.

Interview Questions

Below are some questions you may want to consider asking during the interview process. They may seem strange in the context of what you are asking but keep them in mind for future reference. What are your main problems? Who are the primary customers of your business? What will this product do to solve those problems? Who are your main competitors? What advantages do you have? What are your main complaints? What makes you stand out from your competitors? Once you’ve settled on 3 messages, refine and rescript your script and run your video through those questions as well. The best way to have this conversation about your product and your brand is with real people.

Video Questions

If you have multiple products to promote, consider hiring someone who is experienced in video marketing. As we mentioned, video marketing is extremely new to the marketing world so you might need some help with the process. Once you've created your video marketing message, you should get someone from a video marketing agency to create a short 2-minute video which introduces your company and its offerings. If you're too busy, have a friend record your answers in the voice over. A professional can actually edit your answers to make them look a lot better than you can.


One of the great things about video marketing is that you can choose to optimize it for different platforms. You don't have to make your videos the same way on every site or social network. However, it's important to have a basic understanding of how each site and network works. Even if you're just posting to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, you need to take the time to analyze how to optimize each video for the most effective reach. Once you do, you can then take your time honing in on the unique facets of each platform.

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