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Ideology is to retain brand information


Multiple variables associates


Film/Promo Style ?

Outdoor/Indoor Shoot ?

Actors/Artists/Random Involved ?

Voice/Non-Voice Based ?

Original Background Music ?

Video/Image based ?

and many more . . . !!

Bottom Line :

Based on brands expectations & target audience, production cost is calculated.


At HNI Times, we specialize in producing business-related video content for end-users or target audiences. Keeping the vision of business products and/or services, our production house delivers creative and effective video content to be used on Social Media such as Youtube, TV Adverts, Events, Trade shows, Exhibitions, etc. Our production team handles how to present the video content to engage your target customers for long, and retain them. We are a one stop shop with various business need to fulfill video production marketing needs.

A 100% customized solution for every business size in market.

Let's connect to explore, how businesses gets transformed into BRANDS.

Video Content Styles

Corporate Film

A Corporate film/video is recognized to be good, due to its informative nature and educational background without skimming for entertainment. The purpose of a business film is as similar as watching a documentary, which is to establish a strong emotion with your target audience. CLICK HERE to know in detail about what is a Corporate Film.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are effective and engaging in nature. The video content must be kept simple with the sole purpose to deliver product/service information in short. To secure this, our script writers outline the business information and synced with storyboard. CLICK HERE to know in detail about what is a an Explainer Video.

Promotional Videos

The purpose of creating promotional video is driven for sales & marketing. These videos are used to strengthen social media presence as a part of marketing strategy. Branding through video production is quite a complex task, and if not handled by professionals they can do much more harm than good to the brand image. CLICK HERE to know in detail about what is a Corporate Film.


Documentary is a film/video examining a history of a person, business, or event based on facts. The idea is to showcase historical structure and actuality of content shown. It takes a lots of effort towards research, and story behind a certain fact. CLICK HERE to get in touch with us and know more about the concept of making a documentary and how much it will cost.

many more

Video production is the process of creating videos by capturing moving images (videography/cinematography), and creating combinations of images, graphics, and text. It includes the creation of videos for television (TVAdvert), cinema, social media platforms, short films, explainers, educational videos, and many others. The purpose of video production is to communicate a message or story. Out of the three stages of video production, Pre-production is the stage where the idea for the video is created and the necessary planning is done. This includes writing the script, storyboarding, and budgeting. Production is the stage where the video is actually filmed. This includes setting up the equipment, lighting, and sound. Post-production is the stage where the video is edited and the final touches are added. This includes adding special effects, music, and narration.

The success of any video content widely depends on the ideas generated. This can be done by brainstorming with a team or coming up with a concept on your own. Once you have an idea, the next step is to write a script. Our script writers will outline the story you want to tell, and the key points you want to hit. the final script will be shared with you to get started on the production process.

Once you have a script, the next step is to gather footage. This can be done through B-Rolls and shooting actual footage. Once you have your footage, it's time to start editing. This is where you'll put scoring in line with emotions. Depending on the client's requirements, we deliver the first draft copy of the final video for review. If some changes are required from the client, we will get them addressed and deliver the final video copy.

In summary, various types of video content are used to demonstrate processes in product/service development and/or business portfolio, which helps viewers to understand business providers in a much simpler way. Video content is also beneficial because it supports a company's marketing strategy, helps increase brand awareness, and improves client retention.


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