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FAQs for quick forehand knowledge

HNI Times

  • For corporate video service, do you operate PAN India?"
    Yes, we do cover PAN India.
  • Among the best video production companies, how do you scale yourself?"
    Every video production company has a different style and flavor to showcase their work. People might like some creative work from a certain production house, or they might find others more entertaining. What's important is to check their background, and work they have originally produced.
  • Does your production service involves shooting at client's office or your own studio premises?
    Both ways. It totally depends on the scope of project and budget. For example, using a green screen would certainly require using our own studio house.
  • From client's perceptive, what must be done or arranged, before the actual shooting commence?"
    Before the actual shooting commence, interview with client takes place for finalizing the script for the video. Once script is finalized and resources are pooled from our side, we set a date for shooting.
  • What type of equipment do you use for video production service?
    Although, we always use professional film camera, however if the requirement is for short interview, we might not use film camera's such as ARRI. In such scenario, Sony alpha series would do the perfect job along with prime lenses.
  • Do you produce 2D or 3D Animated videos?
    We don't produce animated videos. We focus on using and filming actual footages for corporate video in business promotion activities.
  • For start-ups, is there a cost difference in your video production service?"
    Yes, Start-ups mainly choose for interview style videos and/or product/service explainer videos. This can be easily produced using minimum manpower. Having said so, overall cost automatically get within pocket range.
  • Do you compose original background music or soundtrack?
    Yes, we do
  • What software's do you use for video editing?
    As per requirement we use After Effects, Nuke, Mocha, DaVinci Resolve along with many mastering tools for sound designing and engineering.
  • How much does a video production service will cost me?
    Cost varies from project to project. Cost for a normal promotional video would be different from a commercial production, due to the involvement of massive crew and huge setup. In this industry cost can start from 40,000 INR + GST (for a basic corporate video), to sky is the limit.
  • What does the video production process involve?
    The process is simple. starting from pre-production to production, and then eventually post production for editing process. Pre-production is all about planning the complete scope of project. Production process involves execution on the day of shoot. Post-production is all about music composing, sound designing, editing reels and exporting a final reel.
  • How large is your crew for filming?
    A good professionally directed short film for corporate will start with six digit minimum. For details please get in touch with our team.
  • How involved would a client get into, during complete video production process?"
    After the agreement is signed, the complete business information would be formally taken from client during the interview process. That information will be shared with our script writers, and a final script will be produced for client's approval. After the script is approved, shooting will commence on a set date. This is the time when client will be involved.
  • Do you add voice overs, and composed music?"
    Yes, we do.
  • Can you add subtitles to videos?
    Yes, if client requests it.
  • In what format will i receive video files?
    The final copy of corporate video will be handed over to client in HD quality, and in .mp4 format. Any change of mind for a specific format, client must mention before pre-production process.
  • Do you keep copies of past video production project file?
    Yes, we keep copies for basic edits, but only for a short while.
  • Can you go and make our video viral?
    Thinking every content can be made viral, is a myth. No video production company can surely create a viral content, neither can gurantee it. However, two questions need to be address before even considering to make a viral content. 1) Is the content worthy enough to be shared, 2) Is the network strong enough, to avail the benefits of content sharing.
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