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ROI of Video Marketing: How To Measure Great ROI From A Business Video

What is the ROI of video marketing?

Brand awareness sales engagement, and re-engagement cultivates a customer relationship. Your video marketing strategy should revolve around nurturing a relationship with your customers and bringing in more sales and revenues for your business. That's the whole IDEA!

Why is measuring video marketing ROI so challenging?

Content should never be considered wasted! It is one of the most valuable resources and when you are video marketing, video content is one of the most important resources. Content is how you keep visitors engaged. How else can you ensure that you are continuously engaging visitors? Content is how you get people to take action. You want to keep them on the site, giving you more potential clients and customers. You should never hesitate to go all out to have an engaging video that gets attention! Video can produce a lot of value for your business! The way people consume content is constantly evolving. You need to continuously innovate your content to keep your customers engaged! So, when deciding on what kind of content to create it is important to think about the long-term.

Understanding your goals and objectives

First, evaluate how you plan on measuring and calculating the effectiveness of your video. Take a few moments to think through your goals for the video as well as how you plan on measuring its effectiveness. Do you plan on making the video a standalone piece of content that you use to tell your story? Or, do you plan on using the video as an additional way to build your business brand? If the video is intended to supplement your content then it may be better suited to a YouTube channel that is dedicated to the type of content it produces. YouTube offers different ways for businesses to promote their videos. You pay to promote your videos on a partner channel that has also agreed to share the advertising revenue from the videos.

As a business owner, you're probably not focused on video for business growth right now. In fact, you might be on the fence about it at all. But it's not too late. Your video marketing strategy is an excellent way to prove that you know your business and are worth the investment.

Consider Ways To Measure The ROI Of Video Marketing

Customer Interaction, A clear aim of your video marketing strategy should be to help your clients achieve a goal. This is measured by their level of interaction with your video. This can be in the form of viewing, clicking and reacting to the video in various ways. It is crucial that you aim to create content which is appealing to your potential customers' needs and interests.

Advertising cost + Editing cost - Production cost - Marketing expenses - Distribution costs

As you can see, through a running campaign, the total expenses are calculated and ROI's are monitored.


Video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s just an online video that you can use to communicate and present a message, provide a service or share a message. Video marketing is a simple and engaging way to deliver your message and create instant impact.

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