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The Importance of Video Marketing: Why You Should Invest in Video

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Why Invest in a Video

Whether you are in the food industry, fashion, advertising, or a host of other verticals, videos can play a huge role in driving your brand forward. Using a video to communicate your message, stand out from the competition, and build a relationship with your customers allows you to market your brand in a way that is unique to your business. Diverse Benefits Video is not only incredibly effective in improving your marketing and communicating with your audience, but it can also be very effective in the areas of employee training, recruitment, and evaluation. It's your brand. It's your story. Tell it well and let the world see it. Related: Pushing the Boundaries of Storytelling in Your Business with Video Video Marketing Tips Create a professional, quality video.

How to Create a Vision for Your Video

Create an Open-ended Vision The most important element in the process of creating a clear and detailed vision is answering the question "What exactly are we trying to achieve by producing this video?" Imagine your ideal client or customer and what they're looking for from your business. Provide a three to five-minute answer to that question. Think about the ways your product or service can benefit the viewer. Identify some key points that tie everything together. Be creative in your approach and draw from several different channels. Don't limit your vision to just words on the screen. Try to include a soundbite as well. You can share your own story in a video or you can choose from a list of more than 1,000 soundbites. Consider including key logos or images from your company.

What Makes a Good Video

Consider these qualities when creating a well-written video: Every person watching the video needs to understand what your objective is. Show the benefits of what you want to sell or teach the customer. Interviews are a great tool to clarify any doubts or fears people may have. Speak to the audience with confidence. Use metaphors or other verbal methods to help describe your product or service. Marketing and video marketing is a way to build trust with the audience. As an added benefit, it also allows you to create a conversation with your audience. This can lead to more conversions. Use Video to Create Trust Let's say that you sell human hair extensions. You've been working hard to get in front of people, but people still think that you're just a hairdresser.

The Importance of Marketing Your Video

It may be time to consider producing a video if you want to do things like: Accurately represent your company on video. Ensure a uniform experience across your site and social media sites. Build connections with your viewers. This strategy is highly effective and it can be made far more efficient by using the video you already have on your site or social media. The Importance of Video Marketing: 5 Approaches Here are a few tools and tips to help you get started: Use a responsive design that works for mobile and tablet devices Streamline and organize your content Don't post multiple videos at the same time Create a plan and budget in advance. Make use of adobe acrobat.

When To Use Videos In Your Marketing Strategy

According to B2B Research, 61% of marketing executives say that video is a popular marketing tool in their organization and the same percentage of marketing executives say their businesses produce at least one video every month. Video marketing can increase your sales conversions. In fact, one example of the effectiveness of video marketing was created by a digital marketing agency by Tom Thibault, his wife and his 2-year-old son. Their objective was to create a mini-series around their son, Gabriel, so that the viewers could appreciate what it was like to live with a toddler. After recording the series over 10 days, the campaign successfully brought in $30,000 in sales. With the advances of technology, it's becoming easier and easier to create video content.


Businesses and organizations that have created an online presence seem to have everything together when it comes to video marketing. The reason for this is that those that are serious about their online presence will take the time to evaluate their needs and their brand. Only by doing this can one see the most benefit from their online marketing efforts.

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